Things what I writ

I sometimes write nonsense about things to try and sound clever

you really should finish that

with a free day to yourself and adobe indesign twitching away in the corner you know you should really get to the UI specifications that have been bouncing around like the donkey in shrek trying to get your attention but then you’ve got that whole wiki organization thing to do and you did spend a while on that lovely flow diagram you made for it so how about just getting to grips with those atlassian confluence templates or wait there’s that whole documentation thing you’ve got planned out there in the pile of paper you’re trying to push towards the edge of your desk I mean you said you’d do that in september and that was like a whole different year now right?

better get a cup of tea and one of the christmas biscuits and sit down for a while. look at your desk. there must be a good hour’s worth of tidying to do there. and you haven’t hoovered in here for over a month. you know, actually, that cupboard could do with a bit of arranging I’m sure I could make better use of that space and <SLAP>.

ah. alright. can I just read my email first? I don’t think there’s an thing really important but <SLAP>.

ooh. right. the UI spec thing? now?

serendipitous resolve

I had already totally committed to doing at least half of the things from the photo resolutions over at the photojojo blog but now I’ve got at least 8 more that I planned to do. photojojo is a splendid place to get creative ideas just when you thought you’d lost the urge. I mean. there’s loads of places out there to get creative ideas, but they don’t all make you go ‘oh, yeah, I fancy that’, like photojojo does.

I had already started to get organised thing this morning. obviously I got distracted before I’d even opened adobe bridge, but it’s only 9:48, so there’s still hope. today’s goal is RAW filtering. I know I only need less than half the RAW files I have filling up my disk but oh my it’s going to be a long day deciding which ones to keep and which slightly blurred and out of focus ones that really should be thrown away but express some kind of idea or just have something I can’t put my finger on I should really delete. that’s probably 90% of them…



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