Things what I writ

I sometimes write nonsense about things to try and sound clever

youth implosion

stifled, disaffected and missed opportunity university town youth – get back in your bedrooms and posture about life, death, futility and raging against the machine again. you with your lacklustre meanderings and your banal life choices make me sick. you’re boring me to death. it’s like watching a slow road accident, not the creative, exciting, willful collision that you should be. let me know when you’re ready to come out again and I’ll save a place on the wall outside the guildhall so we can sit and look ridiculous together. but at least we’ll be drawing our own conclusions and being the cause that generates the effect, not just the pointless slothlike gang mentalisms that stoop outside Tesco Metro with dogs or shuffling around the doorway of HMV underneath our one big hoodie.

wake up. court a reaction. get out of my way.