you must restart your computer

street 1
street 1 by Tim Caynes

look at that. its a minor miracle that I’m not bothered by rampaging elephant bots trampling my fingers into the keyboard of phish where the dropped mangle of pirate bay galapagos mouse traps wait for silver surfing junglists to bomb out on the mysterious marketplace. it is confusing that you looked for that there but it came from there at twice the price where its all in the same place and look its even got the same name on it but its not the same is it know that so do you but she doesn’t I admit that’s confusing oh yes but you learn from that don’t you? man, those boots are 1981.

building a little wall with the effervescent support of the redmond auto plug whence I’ve loaded every application know to man and logged in via vpn to be told that if you really want to update the last 47 bits in the remote pinball wizard manager then everything must change and now its your fault you asked us to do this it doesn’t matter that its not related to anything I can’t change a light bulb without going out the front door and coming back in again that’s just the way it is look at my big pointy stick I’ll poke you with it every minute. in the eye.

is there anything more annoying that getting a crackle in your socket the day after warranty? I don’t think so.


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