what about the little people

it was only 1976 when danno was hoiking his FS1E round the playing fields churning up sods and giving two fingers to the head he was an easter leaver you see so incumbent on hair-drying the flatlands he bespoke a jackson pollock on the geography block wall and punched a goalkeeper just before a jumper for goalpost got mangled in his spokes and the smell of burning acrylic wafted over earlham like a pall of doom. but twas the least of things when not the night before the barn fire of the vanities was out of control on the outskirts of sprowston and two-wheeled heliotropes barged through the melee wielding axle grinders and pumps for the sake of our skin whereupon we rolled uncontrollably under the tracks of a tank on super 8 while 17 bags of rubbish tried to get into tramps with jeans on

those were the days


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