vanishing point release train

I just thought of something. it needs to go in this release. oh, and this. can you do this also. I just did. but I just asked. and I just did it. oh. but can you still do the other thing? and the thing that we weren’t going to do but we are going to do which is the thing we first thought of but we dropped it when we spoke about the other thing which is more interesting and forgot but it was always there really. yes. it’ll take 12 days. does that mean 12 days, or 12 days? it means 12 days. except, well, they’re concurrent, meaning that they’re not really twelve days, but they’re 5 days and 7 days which is 7 days but it overlaps you see so we still have the 20 days so altogether it’s March. is that what you said before? yes. and you can do that one as well? I just did. no, that one. yes. right. actually, I just got an email from china that said they want to use that thing you did to let people buy goats. I thinks that’s what they said. I’ve got a cold. can we do goats? yes, you just need to train the reptiles. great. and I’m not here. yes you are. yes, I am now. but I’m not now.

nice! have a good weekend!


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