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montrose 6
montrose 6 by Tim Caynes

finally found a good use for IM which doesn’t involve trying to make people say rude words while on a conference call or goading them into rustling some paper into their headset microphone at inappropriate moments. if you’ve got 15mb of junk you need to move from one place to another there’s surely no better way to eat the bandy width than to vpn into your corporate network, fire up the old aol IM client and transfer said file through multiple firewalls at 27kb/s while simultaneously IMing with the recipient about how they might spend the time between 7% and 8% more productively. in the end we decided it was probably most useful to fill a lever arch box file with envelopes and bics, but that only really took us to 23% so we had to get the photocopier in the back of the car and repurpose some carpet tiles before we were ready to sign off. which I have. l&rZ.

I was going to email it but there’s not nearly so much fun to be had watching the green bar of probability escalate towards zero as chunderbird attempts to throw the packets to the edge and back again while my system freezes in horror at the very thought of it. then again I might even have made a cup of tea or something not being connected to a third party during the exchange which would have meant me dragging myself from my screen which gives me the shivers at the very thought of it away from my screen indeed where would I go.

at which point I’m reminded that I look like a scarecrow.

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