perfect rendition of myself

21/365 by Tim Caynes

in 2000ish somebody stole a plastic cd wallet off my desk at work in the watchmoor park mark 2 office on the 1st floor which I blamed on the cleaners but could have anybody inside which were about 8 cds which I never replaced and I mainly can’t remember what they were expect for 2. first of those was ok computer and even though I played that fairly regularly at the time I haven’t owned it or played it since yes that’s over 8 years without ok computer what am I thinking but oh travesty I last month bought it again when it was available for 3 quid on mp3 download from amazon which means I now own it again but of course I can’t spend hours in the dark with a torch looking at the cover notes pontificating on the meaning of the meandering scribbles of thom yorke which in the end only really mean hahahahahahaha I’m a twitchy artist but I did get karma police on shuffle on my walkman as I made myself a nice cup of coffee this morning before I get down to some specifications and I was of course drearily signing along to myself alone in the house wandering around like a loon when it occurred to me that you don’t really need a great imagination to work out everything about me by making rash generalisations about what you might already have gathered about me then working backwards so I’ll save you the bother not that you were by spelling out just how normal I am and how much you could just guess by the fact that I’m even writing this with my headphones on in my home office in the south-east of england actually east anglia but you don’t know where that is.

41 designer IT online blog twitter radiohead photography middle-class mortgage 4 bedrooms 3 children 2 holidays 1 car not fit not unfit thinning busy weekends not much telly jeans home office timezones google music gigs direct debits domain school run graphics card art middle age tescos waitrose uncertain fleece laptop desktop self assessment 1980s smug english lazy should go out more like a pig in a cage on antibiotics etc.

the other one was faith hill. oops


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