paris hilton shuffle damage

buzz. when we spun it very fast with our finger the light came on but I suspect if we had stood on the surface of the sun the buzzer would never have gone off. its a euphemism for global warming. a fan for a fan. but looky. if you’re getting one of these, or maybe even a hundred, that helps right I mean power consumption. but like he said what’s my bottom line I DONT CARE about that its numbers numbers numbers just gimme a CVP that propels me through the roof and I’ll blister my fingers counting out the money for you. you’re so full of that over there. she said.

when you’re arguing about entry points and gas vans its neither a weasel’s chapped lip or kasey chambers captain that will find you on page 2 so let’s just be grown up about it. money is changing hands and I’m adding another daisy to my chain. end of.

2 stars for an unutterable outburst. were it not for the proximity of deadlines, I could imagine a place where people listened to lou reed albums without skipping any tracks.


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