it’s 4 in the morning

so if he’s up, then its ok if I’m up although there might be a subtle difference between prioritizing activities around monetization of software services and tweaking shadows and highlights on a disused truck wash by the river when the birds are signing in the dark outside and I know that when I open that bedroom door in 10 minutes the draught excluder will crackle like a firestorm and the entire house will murmur in a half-awake daze about whether I’ve put the alarm on my cellphone on and decide that they’ll need to go to the bathroom now and that’s it, so I’ll be wondering how important it was that you could see the definition between a rusty bolt and a metal panel on the side of a car park and why it took me an hour to filter it and geolocate it but then I’ll trail off to the sound of russian orthodox chanting which is attempting to screen out the approaching sleep apnoea coming through the wall.

there’s a man in a beard outside cycling the wrong way up a conversation with the library and he’s being overtaken by a clutch of barbeque briquettes on their way to halfords, so things aren’t really improving the longer this goes on. if you’re reading this, sign off already.


Make somebody else read this