I am Damo Suzuki-uh

gone in 30 seconds hey presto its all gone right I am to be pleased seeing that you’ll be helping me and that’s how it went as we flicked the switch and they literally poured in like 2 raisins from an Alessi storage jar and landed with a faint thud on the worksurface of texas. I don’t know the answer but I bet I know someone who does so by the end of the business day (1) you’ll be all the wiser and we will be noting your demograph in the great funnel in our heads. it’ll take 13 days plus the year to pretend we can alter the busines process so you’re welcome to join the call if we can use your dial-in. please use your direct dial number. we don’t talk to receptionists, however well-informed they are.

and that was when a canary landed on the fence, so we burned down the street – just in case.


Make somebody else read this