you can draw

thaas loomoo 89 by Tim Caynes

yeah, so, like, essentially its like a, well, you know, you can just go do this right? try and think about it. it can be a really useful tool to drive the concepts and describe the real scenarios and investigate the problems we have along the way, right? or maybe you could have some intellectually overbearing dissection of the whole genre in relation to what you actually do when you sit munching doritos and hacking e8s which is porbably as valid an argument as saying that we can rationalize our toolbox while we add about 3 more and then just see how the whole thing scales when we drop the bomb onto the product IA and step back while the korean xerox machine goes into overdrive with dayglo ink and clown music in the background while a sober dutchman just sits in the corner saying ‘what the hell?’ to a box of matches that might just be struck up on the big fat cigar you’ve been saving for this moment. click. pull. remember that in the end the way that things are set up right now means that we can be totally random and we’re actually headed in that direction and however polite we are about scraping the business intelligence from under your chatting fingernails then actually you’re just going to have to respect the fact that we’ve already defined your key purpose today so thanks for your question, but you’re not allowed to ask that so get back in your hole and try buying something for once you cheapskate.

it does that to you. and I’m not even in trouble, except with myself


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