I’m smart me

you just need to think about making sure that when you express your projections and quantify your parameters that you are able to be inclusive when it comes to mapping back to a percentage of the experience and the incremental conversion rate based on your time-bound qualifiers but make sure you don’t ignore the quality because for example with 5.1.1 you’ll be sure to align against the 3 key flows and you have to generate quantitative measures against the apparently abstract deliverables or how can you measure how great you are. so think about that. you’ve got until friday.

on the other hand, you night be thinking that at this stage you’re just about ready to plunge into something completely different and it’s worth noting that there are any number of ways you might think about doing the things that you know you can do but don’t do so do them as it’s my job to ensure you attain those things as part of the competencies that map onto the paths which you’re allowed to change just let me know there’s plenty of things you can check out so don’t think you have to just do the same old same old but think about that development path as a parallel track down a lane of opportunity by a stream of aspiration running by the railroad of experiences into the depot of your life. or something. you’ve got until friday.


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