blue moon tap room

thas toony’s joint an ees avin a bit of a flash point roight now. oi reckon e were startin up the ovens an it look loike e were roight close up an that to the grill an thas why we got 4 foire engins an a coupla ambulances parked out front. looks loike the fat man got a pan face and her next door, well she’s just anging out in the doorway with er fag as usual loike and flickin ash on the trolley as they wheel him out, all strapped up loike. thas a bit of excitment an we need a bit rahnd ere. I was just looking at that internet thing to see if a can get me taters cheaper and blow me if that lot dint just swing by like a bunch of troopers wiv their arse on fire. ooh look, there’s molly wiv er trolley. alright molly? yeah? how long must you wait for it? blimey. roight. lets get that package up the city and then I reckon we’ll be abaht ready to propogate those flanges. you ready dave? dave? ah, look. e’s off dahn the black horse for a quick shandy. reckon I might as well get back on that unified product information architecture globalization requirements document before I ave ter sling me ook and get up for a pick up.


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