at least we know we don’t know

wing 1
Wing 1 by Tim Caynes

you’re not supposed to know anything anyway regardless of whether you actually know everything I mean, it don’t cost nuthin to be polite about it, right? you could pull it all over yer face and never a no-nobody should know about it like it’s that’s always the way innit. I can’t help it if they put that stuff out there and I mean, they say they know what they want but do they actually ever bovver to find out whether that’s really true, I mean you done all that stuff right? that’s not your job right? hang on, pass that little plastic knife, I can’t get this milk open and she’s coming back for the little plastic cup in a minute and she’ll let me keep it but what do I want with a plastic cup right? I mean, its not like up here its any different to down there, and across there even though its a bit mental and they carry bags full of cash around when they’re down the arches checking out prices on plumage and stuff so what’s it all that abaht then? listen. I’ll tell you what, gis a bit of that there cheesecake and we’ll call it quits.

aah. see? I knew that would happen. I just dint know she was there thas all so it ain’t my fault if it gets all mashed up when it escalates. I mean, you gotta be reasonable about it but when they come here with their bits and pieces and expect us to just pick em up, box em and ship em out to japan well it’s no wonder that the graph is like that is it? hang on. now. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but there’s a place down there that has sandwiches. yeah, I know


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