index schmindex

so that means you have a list of things that you can do something with like we can take it and then we have to put it through the rules that make it come out the other end as something else. or its actually just a catalogue of things that we can use to build other lists of things that we can use to just describe what we’ve got and then work out what we do with it. but really its a database of mutiple indexes that just describe everything that’s out there which mean we can query it in multiple ways to generate results that are relevant across different experiences. but perhaps we don’t have to do anyting with it, but we don’t know that yet because we don’t know what’s in it because we can’t build it because we don’t know what’s out there because we don’t know what the user experience is and that might be redundant because its about the content but we don’t actually need to do any localization because that’s a different kind of index. right?

well that’s the kind of question we need to be looking at and we know that there are inconsistencies and anomolies but we don’t know what they are because we don’t know where they are even though we know what they are there because I think we own the strategy on that and so of course its on our roadmap I just don’t have the roadmap right now, it’s in the index.


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