Designer innit

I design and make things but mostly I’m a fucking idiot

Things what I writ

I sometimes write nonsense about things to try and sound clever

the structure of everything

  from the fragments of collapsed stars we’ve evolved into a species that relentlessly seeks to define the structure of our universe. that we divine meaning and our sense of place from the arrangement of everything is as derivative of our own introspection as it is descriptive of our search for

the articulation of design

had a lovely long conversation today about what design is and why we do it. I paraphrase in order to explain the progression from what we understand to the things we make we undertake a deliberately unstructured approach to divining meaning and distilling insights such that we might evolve and create structures and make sense of that

10 years of meetings

I wrote this ten years ago. nothing ever really changes. You just click on your name and then go to that menu on the left. no, the top. Hang on… So, I select my name, right and what? Go to the menu and select ‘make me great’. I don’t have that

changing titles

if I’m honest it’s because I can’t be arsed with the pause and reconsideration that accompanies every utterance of a title that’s prescriptive and divisive notwithstanding the gravitas and apparent stakeholder appeasmentism that the very combination of words appear to solicit albeit with the delivery of a stifled yawn from

send your children to conferences

here is a revelation for anyone who has never been to a conference that’s relevant to their profession: it’s a great way to validate that you actually know what you’re talking about. I mean, honestly, we mostly operate within the duck quack void of self-appreciation and we’re only really interrogated

Things what I spoke

I sometimes talk nonsense about things to try and sound clever

Things what I took

I sometimes take photos of things to try and look clever

Things what I played

I sometimes make music about things to try and sound clever